Best Buddhism book for intrigued parents

Dhamma greetings!

My dad wants to get a better understanding of Buddhism so he can better relate to my interest and dedication to the practice. What books would you recommend that portray Buddhism in a very practical, meaningful, and universally relatable way?

It doesn’t just have to be a history of the Buddha but rather why Buddhist practice and the whole Buddhist framework make so much sense and perhaps some simple steps one can take to get into the practice too.

Thanks in advance!!

I currently can’t think of anything, perhaps some of you have been in similar situations.

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It might be best to start with more worldly moral teachings that your dad can relate to (rather than teachings that may be too lofty & esoteric).

I know translated Thai books (such as A Life of Inner Quality and A Constitution for Living) however the style of language may possibly not be suitable.

A Constitution for Living discusses Buddhist values for family life and livelihood which may impress your father.

There are lots of books at the link:, including by Western monks.

How about “What the Buddha Taught” by Ven: Walpola Rahula?.

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In the Buddha’s Words, by Bodhi, is currently the best contemporary introduction, in my opinion.

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Good idea

Opening the Door of Your Heart by Ajahn Brahm.