Bhante Sujato's Sects and Sectarianism in Indonesian

Good news for all Indonesian Buddhists, Dhammacitta, an Indonesian Buddhist publisher which has also published Indonesian translation of 4 Nikayas freely, proudly presents Bhante @sujato’s book Sects and Sectarianism in Indonesian:

Before this, Dhammacitta has published Bhante Sujato’s A History of Mindfulness here:



Thank you so very much, this is a great honor!

I wrote this book to try to show how the growth and spread of the Buddhist schools was driven primarily not but disagreements in doctrine, but by the love of Dhamma and the inevitable separation that distance creates. We rather foolishly believed that modernity had conquered distance, and now we are all stuck apart from each other. The story of the Buddhists of the past is relevant more than ever.

I am so happy to see that it is now available for my friends in Indonesia, which has a long history of Buddhism, with a sense of tolerance and integration of Buddhist schools. Contemporary Indonesia finds room for all the different schools of Buddhism, and they all express the Dhamma in their own way, providing support for the people who need it.