Bhikkhu Bodhi at the UN 2019: Climate Destabilization

He also said that the true Dhamma would only last 500 years after his death, so I don’t think it was his intention for the true Dhamma to last long at all, knowing impermanence and all.

Also I’m pretty sure Judaism is the longest lasting continuous religious institution on Earth, I may be wrong though.

I respect Ven. BB for bringing the dhamma to the climate scientists, rather than them bringing the climate science to the dhamma, as it is us, after all, who offer the permenent solution to suffering in comparison to their temporary solution (which has yet to be shown effective)

That is correct, with the knowledge of insight, the adept could not function among people without the Theravada social attitudes.

" even though the brahmaviharas are often described as awareness releases, they are never described as discernment-releases. This means that, on their own, they cannot release the mind from ignorance ; they are not a sufficient practice for bringing about total release—a point dramatically made in MN 97. There Ven. Sariputta teaches the brahmaviharas to a dying brahman, Dhanañjanin, who upon death is reborn in a brahma world. Later, when Ven. Sariputta goes to see the Buddha, the latter chastises him for leading Dhanañjanin to rebirth in an “inferior” brahma world and not further, to the noble attainments."—Thanissaro

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Without generosity and compassion, no Wheel turning, no 45 years of teaching training & building Sangha. Without generosity and compassion, no Sangha, no preservation of Dhamma. Without generosity and compassion, no metta, no karuna, no upekkhā, no final liberation.

(added edit) Don’t abandon the raft before it is built, and the river is crossed.

I stumbled upon this talk by Bhikkhu Bodhi today, and while he does not trumpet his meditation practice as some might prefer, he discusses his approach to ethics and meditation in this video, with the core of his focus starting at 08:15. He clearly is a meditation monk. And so much more. The suggestion that he is not, or was not, a meditation monk, I feel, is silly. Very silly.
This kind of silly:------>


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