Bhikkhu Sujato's books: where to find them

For those who may be looking for some of my books, my primary hosting site for them,, appears to have lapsed and is used by someone else. Many years ago I had the idea to use that as a general Buddhist publishing effort, with my books as the start. But like so many ideas it fell by the wayside (especially as I put more effort into SuttaCentral). Perhaps one day I’ll set up a static site for my books.

Meanwhile, I have also posted my books to a variety of internet services where you can still find them.

PDFs and hard copies are available on Lulu. This seems to have the most comprehensive set.

Soft copies in PDF are on Gutenberg:

Also several books are on the Internet Archive:

And Google Books.

Recent writings are either on this forum, or for those things that don’t fit here, on our website, along with the work of Ven Akaliko.


On lulu, I couldn’t find the Therigatha Bhante, just two versions of the Theragatha. Is it a typo?

Just recently if the single post is any indication. Does that mean you lost all the content? Who is that, anyway?

No, that’s the hardcover and softcover versions. I translated Therigatha much more recently and it’s not there yet. Never fear, it’ll come!

No, the content was only my books and a few older essays, all of which I have backed up or are available elsewhere. I might put them on the Lokanta website if I get around to it!

It’s quite intriguing. It seems to be a domain squatter, and if I am not mistaken, they have used AI to generate “Buddhist” placeholder content. Very apt, as I was just writing about a dystopian future where all content was AI-generated!