Bilara blurbs


The spaces at the end of segments have no significance, generally speaking. They can be either present or absent, although we might want to automate a “cleaning” process to ensure it is standard. The only tricky thing is the em-dash, which we have discussed. Otherwise a client can simply add the spaces automatically.

My own thought is that we should probably build a bilara-data auto-fixer-upper thingy, which would scan the repo and do things like correct quote marks, turn … into …, turn – into – and — into —, eliminate double spaces, and standardize trailing spaces. My preference would be that everything in bilara-data is correct as-is requiring minimum transformation by a client, so that would mean adding trailing spaces except where a segment ends in em-dash.


That would mean for German that there should be trailing spaces everywhere, since we don’t use em-dashes, and the en-dashes we use instead are wrapped in spaces.


Right, but still the same rule applies.




Anagarika Sabbamitta, would you add an sc-voice issue for us to write such a thing? We could make it a button on the Voice Admin console. It would need rules for each language. We would implement this as needed when we observed a problem on either website.



:rofl: thank you. :pray:


Is there another name to call it? I have no idea… :sweat_smile:

Do you still want to include it into v2.0?


No. We shouldn’t fix things that aren’t verifiably broken. This would manifest on a Voice or SC web page as a typographical error. The user doesn’t look at bilara-data directly–they use a browser. However, all browsers automatically remove extraneous space, so it’s unclear where this would cause an actual problem to the end user.


Thanks :white_check_mark:


Err, um, it should be for bilara-data, we want to ensure that everyone is using the fixed-up data.


Yes. We will update bilara-data and its downstream sc-voice/bilara-data fork as well. Voice can’t use bilara-data directly until the German translations are submitted and approved to SC bilara-data. Until then we need to update both bilara-data’s


This week I asked Blake to implement trilingual translation on Bilara as top priority.


Great to hear that Bilara is now stable enough to envisage such a step!


Cool! Let us know when to import the German translations into the main bilara-data.