Bilara project query

Dear Bhante @sujato

I have been suggested to get in touch with you via post here. I am interested in contributing to the translation project, and I wanted to check with you whether I could have a Bilara project set up. In the Guide for translators it indicates that any project setup needs to be run by you, hence this post.

I have read both the guide for translators and on the markdown used on the Bilara. I have previous translation experience, including the use of CAT software. In the past, I collaborated with the largest Polish-language website dedicated to Theravada and Pali Canon, translating texts from English and Pali into Polish (i.e., my native language). One of my translations has even been uploaded to the Sutta Central (SuttaCentral).

I am interested in translating directly from Chinese to Polish. I intend to draw on available English translations and up-to-date published research on Chinese texts, translations and comparative studies. The idea of using software that supports consistency across translations and the potential benefit of the peer review is what I hope to gain from being part of SC.

My details:

  1. GitHub username: p-lucjan
  2. full name: Paweł Łucjan
  3. projects: Saṁyuktāgama, EĀ 12.1, and MĀ 98.
  4. target language: Polish

Let me know, please, if you require any more information.

with metta,


I believe that now @carmi is the one who sets up the accounts.

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Fantastic, this is a great contribution.

The thing with Bilara, the hard part is preparing the root texts. Now, for Chinese this is being done by Charles @cdpatton as he is working through his translations. You can see the current texts here:

So to start with, I’d suggest working with the same set of texts. But chat with Charles about this if you want to do anything else.

To be clear, this is not a question of translation from English, as I understand you will work directly with the Chinese. The issue is that the root Chinese text must be specially prepared.


With all of this interest in the Samyukta Agama, I’m thinking I should get the CBETA text prepared for Bilara and not worry about the critical editing.


Thanks Bhante,
That works perfectly for me, I’m more than happy to start with the texts with the root Chinese text already prepared. It will be a long process, and there seems to be already prepared enough texts to start with. And yes, I will work directly with Chinese texts.


Excellent, @Carmi would get you set up.

Is there not a critical edition of SA already? I seem to remember work in this respect? Was it Fo Guang Shan who did it?

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There is Yinshun’s edition, yes. I’ve been adding his changes to the variant readings.

Greetings @candidate :pray:
Your project is ready in Bilara under pl > lucjan
Please review the Guide for translators and let us know if you have any questions.


Many thanks @carmi :pray: