Blessings from The Buddha

Ok. I live in a christian area; but, I am not familar with god and blessings. I am hoping this question isnt influenced by christian views if that is how you associate the word blessings. Thats not the intention.

I received my precepts at a Zen Vietnamese Temple a little bit far from me. The nun was very nice. She toured me around and talked to me about the different Boddhisattvas and Buddha statues with a short history. She also mentioned The Buddha’s blessings and how practitioneres (recapping from memory) ask The Buddha and bodhisattva for blessings of healing for their loved ones. It was on Uposatha and the nuns gave us white or pink flowers depending on the relationship of the deceased or ill.

Below somewhat puts light to my question in regards to maybe english translation issues? Would blessing be the right word to describe this commentary Life's Highest Blessings: The Maha Mangala Sutta

Mangala : Popularly it means lucky sign, omen good or evil, auspicious or inauspicious, or a blessing. In all countries and times there have been superstitions about these things and this is as true of western technological societies (the increasing dependence upon astrology), as it was of India in the Buddha’s days. Though people now may not divine auspices from the shapes of cloth nibbled by rats, they have plenty of other signs of fortune and misfortune.

Anyway. My questions are, what does it mean when a person receives The Buddha’s blessings?

Is this something only in Mahayana traditions or do Theravadans have this in their traditions?

Do you think the english translation for blessings is accurate sense a lot of our interpretations are influenced by abrahramic concepts?

Im still reading all of it it; but, I wanted to run that by you as a discussion.

I think Nagasena offers an interesting yet traditional perspective on the topic of blessings and protection:


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