Bodhicitta meaning in Niddesa?

“The lord from the Tusita heaven”: "After the Blessed One died from the Tusita heaven, he entered the womb with mind and knowledge

Maybe Bodhicitta is simply this. Mind-knowledge? But wonder how they saw it in the time Nidessa was written. Seem to be saying he was already enlightened. But not as a Buddha ofcourse.ūlạ-niddesa

Do you mean the pali words ‘sato’ ‘sampajano’ ?

It’s probably wrong translated? You have Niddesa in pali to see? I meant the Mind and knowledge? What it supposed to be?

Mahaniddesa Sariputta Sutta

tusitā gaṇimāgato ti. Bhagavā tusitakāyā cavitvā sato sampajāno mātukucchiṃ okkantoti. Evampi tusitā gaṇimāgato.