Bodhinyana Great Southern - monastery project

I’ve just read on a newsletter that Plans for a new monastery are underway. The first Branch monastery of Bodhinyana. That is wonderful news :smiley: Is anyone from BSWA able to elaborate or give a short over-view?


“A project to establish a forest monastery in the forest tradition of Ajahn Brahm in the vicinity of Albany on the south coast of Western Australia.”



…with Ajahn Brahm’s personal helipad (!?)



Hi Mara Pacer

This is the even and details about “ The first Branch monastery of Bodhinyana “. The information is by Venerable Mudu, he is the organizer of this whole trip and branch monastery. Please do contact him if have any feature question. Thanks :slight_smile:

Dear friends,

Events for the December 2018 Albany-Denmark Visit are now finalised:
29th November (Thursday) - 8am, depart Bodhinyana Monastery, Serpentine;
30th November (Friday) - 9-9:30am, Albany Community Radio (interview with Liz Vincent); 1-3pm, Pardelup Prison Farm (talk & guided meditation);
1st December (Saturday) - 6:30-8:30pm, Lawley Park tennis Club (talk & guided meditation);
2nd December (Sunday) - 6am, Albany SLSC (say hi to boat crews); Albany PCYC, 77 Sanford Road, Centennial Park (talk & guided meditation);
3rd December (Monday) - 10-12pm Joop Thai restaurant, 130 Lockyer Avenue, Centennial Park (Albany Monastery Project fund raiser); 1-3pm, Albany Regional Prison (talk & guided meditation);
4th December (Tuesday) - 6-8pm, Albany Senior Citizens Hall, 122 Grey Street West, Albany (talk & guided meditation);
5th December (Wednesday) - 1-3pm, The Sanctuary, Denmark, (talk & guided meditation);
6th December (Thursday) - extra day allocated for BGS business;
7th December (Friday) - extra day allocated for BGS business;
8th December (Saturday) - return to Bodhinyana Monastery Serpentine.
The meal/dana schedule occurs every day between 10-12am:
29th November (Thursday) - take away meal, eat on the road;
30th November (Friday) - Tui’s place;
1st December (Saturday) - TBA;
2nd December (Sunday) - One-Pen’s place, Yakamia;
3rd December (Monday) - Joop Thai restaurant, 130 Lockyer Avenue, Centennial Park (Albany Monastery Project fund raiser);
4th December (Tuesday) - Geetha’s place;
5th December (Wednesday) - John & Julie Pepper’s place, Denmark;
6th December (Thursday) - Thai Angel Hand;
7th December (Friday) - TBA;
8th December (Saturday) - take away meal, eat on the road.
For this visit, monk Venerable Jhayako will also be joining me, those of you in Albany you may remember him as Anagarika CC who was my driver/attendant for one of the very first Albany visits in 2017. He’s now completed his preliminary training & was recently ordained as a monk by our boss/abbot Ajahn Brahm.

Our driver & attendant for this trip will be Anagarika Adam, who also plans to ordain as a monk in early 2019.

Anyone interested in assisting with the costs of this road trip/visit - such as fuel, meals, coffee, general expenses etc, can contact Anagarika Adam at Bodhinyana Monastery in Serpentine (telephone: 9525 2420) - anumodana (i.e. a big thanks) as well to those who’ve already made generous contributions for the trip…Sadhu!

Thanks also to Lay Har & her family for their kindness & generosity to once again loan us their awesome Toyota Kluger for our December visit & road trip…Sadhu!

Also up for this road-trip is the wonderful Matt Gibson of Present Moment Photography, who’s generously offered to document the whole visit - artfully capturing the energy & magic of each event in photographic stills.

The very busy teaching schedule for this coming December 2018 Albany-Denmark Visit provides an opportunity to announce the plans to establish a Buddhist Forest Monastery to service the whole Great Southern Region.

Bodhinyana Great Southern (BGS) Monastery Project proposes to develop the very first, dedicated Ajahn Brahm Branch Monastery for Western Australia’s Great Southern Region.

A Development Application is soon to be prepared & submitted for approval with the City of Albany.

Once approved, the BSWA will commence negotiations to acquire the 160 acre Elleker ocean-side property & commence building.

Local planning consultants Harley Dykstra have assisted the BSWA in the past & are currently helping Ajahn Brahm gain approval to develop 6 new monks kutis at Bodhinyana’s Hermit Hill location.

We wish to continue our relationship with Harley Dykstra & plan to engage their services once again; this time to prepare a Development Application for Bodhinyana Great Southern.

As a public ‘Place of Worship’ situated in an official ‘Bushfire Prone Area’, the Application needs to be quite extensive - in addition to the usual Development Application Report, a comprehensive Bushfire Management Plan, assessed & prepared by an expert sub-consultant will also be required.

As no monastery exists in this area, we’ll need to begin from scratch & will rely on the kindness & generosity of the region’s people to help build a peaceful, tranquil, & quiet space for all to use.

The fees & costs for preparation & submission of a Development Application, as well as additional post-consultation & negotiations necessary for approval is estimated between $25,000 & $30,000.

As we’ve only now learned after 5 unsuccessful years engaged in tiresome negotiations with Serpentine Council to build 6-kutis inside a registered bushfire prone area, it’s absolutely essential, right from the start, to engage specialist consultants knowledgeable in this field.

Contributions towards the costs of the planning application please contact either Ajahn Brahm, myself or Wasana (in Albany) - even better come along to one of the events to hear first hand about the projects latest developments.

I look forward to speaking with each & everyone about our exciting new project, which plans to not only bringing the Dhamma to Albany, but the whole Great Southern region.

Linked below is updated video footage of the proposed monastery site in Elleker (which now includes the original sound track “Coming Home to Bodhinyana” composed & performed by BSWA’s very own, the One & Only - Mr. Eddie Khoo).

BGS-proposed Elleker site_1080p.mp4

BGS-proposed Elleker site_720p.mp4

BGS-proposed Elleker site_4K.mp4

Also linked below is a small sample of photos collected from Albany-Denmark Visits over the past 18 months.

20171201_Bodhinyana Great Southern_December 2017

20180222_Bodhinyana Great Southern_February 2018

Last but not least is the official webpage for the Bodhinyana Great Southern Monastery Project which was launched on the BSWA website only moments ago by our very own, skilled & talented Mr. Sol Hanna.

The monastery project’s online presence also includes a public Facebook page as well as a Closed Group Facebook page for Volunteers & Supporters.

Here are the links:
The official page on the wesbite:
the public Facebook page: Bodhinyana Great Southern Monastery - Home | Facebook
the closed group for volunteers and supporters:
Anyone wanting to volunteer or support the Bodhinyana Great Southern Monastery Project please sign up to the Closed Facebook Group, I need your help to make this happen & hopefully group will be an effective way to stay in touch & keep everyone in the loop.

If you have anyone has up-to-date photos or information to be included on the official webpage, please forward it to either myself or Sol Hanna.

Please feel free to share this email & its links with anyone you think might be interested.

Kindest wishes,

Venerable Mudu.

Be kind, Be gentle, Make Peace


Thank-you Venerable Mudu :anjal:

and Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

What a wonderful undertaking! :thaibuddha::sunflower::sun_with_face::star2::rainbow::anjal: