Book on "paradox"

One of the participants of this morning’s iSangha talk at Tilorien Monastery who does not have a user account on D&D asks me to post this question to Ajahn @Brahmali:

What is the title of the book you mentioned in your talk? The book on the paradox of positive perspectives that can be found in very hard and difficult situations? I suspect it could be “Paradox” by William Bain (a novel from 2016). Am I right in this? Thank you!

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Hello Sabbamitta,

Nice to see you again just a few hours ago!

The book I was referring to is in Norwegian and has not been translated into any other languages, as far as I know. In any case, the authors name is Georg Brochmann, and the title of the book is Mennesket og lykken (roughly “Human happiness”).


Thank you Ajahn. Likewise, nice to see you! :pray: