Book recommendations about Anatta

I am looking for (free) pdfs or books about the topic of Anatta in the context of early buddhism.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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With anicca, dukkha, anatta, the recommendation made by the Buddha in SN 22.59 regarding practical experience, is to read the book on impermanence first:

“The other two characteristics of conditioned existence – dukkha
(unsatisfactoriness) and anattã (absence of a self) – become evident
as a consequence of a direct experience and thereby realistic appreciation of the truth of impermanence. The discourses frequently
point to this relationship between the three characteristics by presenting a progressive pattern that leads from awareness of impermanence (aniccasaññã) via acknowledging the unsatisfactory nature
of what is impermanent (anicce dukkhasaññã) to appreciating the
selfless nature of what is unsatisfactory (dukkhe anattasaññã).42 The
same pattern features prominently in the Anattalakkhana Sutta”—Analayo


My favorite is Ajahn Buddhadasa’s Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree


ANATTA.pdf (843.6 KB)

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