Brahmajālasutta Parallels

Hi All! I am looking for the Sarvastivada parallels to the Brahmajālasutta given as SF41 and SF48 by Hartmann.

I have tried searching “Brahmajāla” on

but it only gives the Tibetan parallel, Toh 352 (which is maybe not listed as a parallel on suttacentral?

Is anyone aware of anyplace that might have the high-res photos of these fragments? or someone, other than the retired Hartmann, who I could email to request these?

I am also interested in any info anyone might have on “SHT Sutta 16” edited? by Ernst Waldschmidt?? My german is worse than my Pali and it is difficult to copy the floating texts from suttacentrals parallels info blobs.

any help or info appreciated.


SHT = Sanskrithandschriften aus den Turfanfunden.

Here is what’s left of the Brahmajāla Sūtra.

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Ooh thanks! @Mumfie , thats amazing!

Speaking of Toh 352 is anyone aware of any etext of the tibetan? The 84000 site lists it as currently being translated, and I can get images of manuscripts from bdrc, but have been unable to locate any transcriptions?