Brain chemistry & stillness

No quiero que cualquier “maestro” use mi método y cobre por ello sin mi permiso.

No. Solo que pongas el origen.

So, having the source there is good enough?

Me es facilisimo explicarlo online, pero por escrito la gente se lía.
Si quieres te lo enseño via skype. En 30 minutos dominas 3 neurotransmisores, y en otros 30 puedes lograr jhanas.

Pero tengo que estar viéndote

I have taken the course in these directions. If you realize it is exactly the mahasatipatthana sutta, literal. And 7 videos in spanish.
I am uploading the rest of exercises that constitute the mahasatipatthana and that the bad translations and the lack of global perspective of what is and represents the illumination by the translators have kept unusable.
Just as you need to know physics to do technical translations of physics, no one who is not enlightened should translate. If you do not know what it means, putting words together is not translating

With this method people who have never meditated, achieve jhanas in 6 sessions or less. Those who practiced “vipassana” meditations are absolutely incapable. We are testing rehabilitation therapies with unpromising results.
I do not teach. I do not admit teachers. My task is to explore, find things, test them with volunteers in controlled clinical sessions and when I see that it can be useful for someone, I publish it. I have explored 32 Altered States of Consciousness that are obtained from the eight jhanas and the cessation, and I already have three permanent states of consciousness. I only need the last one, but I hope there is more …


For what it’s worth, you’ve definitely got my attention Mr. Morales. I haven’t had the chance to follow any links in this discussion, but I did follow your comments in Spanish some number of days ago (though my recollections fail me at this hour).

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get around to reviewing your course above, but I’d very much be interested in just a simple chat by voice if you’d care to. I’ve also got a VoIP box that can record calls for review…

Would Mr. Laera perhaps be willing to facilitate :hushed:?

Maybe we can figure something out by group messaging?


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I have a problem with English that I hope to solve soon: I do not understand when they speak to me. It’s like I’m deaf.
I am waiting for the launch of a device called PILOT that translates 5 languages in real time, is placed in the ear.
But it will be in May.
By messenger or whatsapp, that is, in writing I have no problem.


I am happy to help. Tomás and I had a nice conversation other day in what we call Portuñol (a mix of Portuguese and Spanish!) and it was really nice. He is a very funny and nice man and has a very interesting approach to share. His story is definitely worth learning about.

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Cool! Thank you for the introduction Gabriel.

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Hi @tommit
Do you mind elaborating what is your meaning of 'wrong concentration"?

If you find an insurmountable difficulty to perform the Jhanas after following the instructions correctly, and you have meditated previously with another type of meditation, I have bad news:

Collection of numerically grouped speeches
AN 4,205. Octuple
"Monks, I will teach you about the bad person and the person inferior to the bad person; About the good person and the person superior to the good person. Listen and pay attention that I will speak. "
“Yes, Venerable Lord,” answered those monks, and the Blessed One continued:
"And, what is it, monks, a bad person? Here is someone who is of wrong point of view, wrong intention, incorrect way of speaking, wrong action, wrong way of life, wrong effort, wrong attention conscious and incorrect concentration. This is called a bad person.
"And how is it, monks, a person inferior to a bad person? Here is someone who is of wrong point of view and encourages others in the wrong point of view, he himself is of wrong intention and encourages others in wrong intention, he himself is of wrong way of speaking and encourages others in the Incorrect way of speaking, he himself is of wrong action and encourages others in the wrong action, he himself is of wrong way of life and encourages others in the wrong way of life, he himself is of wrong effort and encourages others in The wrong effort, he himself is of wrong conscious attention and encourages others in the wrong conscious attention, he himself is of wrong concentration and encourages others in the wrong concentration. This is called a person inferior to a bad person.
Collection of numerically grouped speeches
AN 4.212. Point of view
"Monks, possessing four characteristics, one is deposited in hell as if he were taking it there. And, what are those four? Bodily misconduct, verbal misconduct, mental misconduct, and mistaken point of view. Possessing these four characteristics, monks, one is deposited in hell as if he were taking him there.


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But i’m expecting a better definition than that, when you define mojority, almost all of the people except the ariyas on earth require rehabitation!

In my experience, the “vipassana” meditation of the Burmese falls into this category: it damages the mind, apparently, irreversibly

There are a few good meditation teachers that i know, begin with Burmese vipassana, later use that as foundation in their later progress; and they progress very well in samatha, then only back to vipassana; and they teach meditation very well. So, it seems hard to claim Burmese vipassana a dead end. Depends on individual parami.

Y? And for what?
Do you know what the jhanas are used for?
Can these teachers eradicate unwanted thoughts?
Do these teachers have access to the state of Vipassana?
Do these teachers have access to Wisdom?
Can these teachers see the Dhamma?
Have these teachers described the Unconditional Dhamma in their own words?
Do these teachers suffer?
Meditating is not sitting.

There is one thing i would like to learn, that is

You have one?

Hey guys, I would like to kindly ask us to stick with the original thread’s topic.

I strongly suggest @atipattoh to contact directly and privately @tommit to better understand what he is trying to say (remember he said somewhere else he uses machine translation).

Or, if you @atipattoh really want and see the value of making that conversation public start a topic for that yourself.

The reason for this request is that we have some clear guidelines around how to keep things tidy around here. More specifically, how it is a matter of etiquette to not “divert a topic by changing it midstream.”

Thanks in advance for your collaboration. :anjal:

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Moderator may delete my post, i have no objection to that, no value of records anyway!