Bringing Awareness of corruption in Buddhism

My whole intention is to bring awareness,

And there can be many secret worldwide . Where religion is used.

When the child was begging in the Kataragama area, he had been approached by an individual whose details cannot be ascertained and taken to an institution similar to a Children’s Home, called the Guneratne Bauddha Madyasthanaya (Guneratne Buddhist Centre), in Minuwangoda in the Galle area. This institution is run by a Buddhist monk. Although there is no evidence that the child had been sold, this appeared to be the case when the facts of his case were analysed. The Galle Police, acting on information that the monk was abusing children, arrested him. Reportedly he was arrested while engaged in the act of selling children for sex. The children were placed in Children’s Homes upon order of the court. The child is reluctant to return to his mother.

please if you can make a organization to help fight this type of corruption in Buddhist Lands


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I think this is a problem that is less “there is the potential for corruption in religion” than it is “there is the potential for corruption wherever there is an imbalanced power dynamic”.


That’s our problem. We think. But I understand your point. But these things happen in secret. Atleast we should not ignore it.

Anyone can put on robes and pretend they are monks. They may even get ordination certificates. That doesn’t mean they represent Buddhism. However the officially appointed chief monks can be corrupt and/or fail to address such issues. This doesn’t benefit anyone, but there’s little we can do if we are not in charge.

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In Buddhism, the laity is always in charge. Just use discernment when supporting a temple or teacher. If lay people stop indulging a corrupt monk, he is usually quick to disrobe or at least go somewhere else (sadly, usually West) with his shenanigans.

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