Browsing this forum in Android phones - SC Legacy Theme works best (at least for me!)

As a matter of feedback, I would like to share that at least for me, the legacy theme for this Discourse forum (SuttaCentral - Discuss & Discover) works far better than the new and default one. I mostly browse this forum from my Android phone.

In case you are wondering, if you are using the new and default theme, you will notice a orange colour palette. If you are using the legacy theme, the colour palette is of a pastel yellow tone.

If you, like me, felt the new (deep orange coloured) theme works and feels weird in your Android phone, then consider changing it to the Legacy one!

To do it, go to your profile (click on your picture at the right top corner), then, click the cog which brings you to 'Preferences.

There, click ‘Interface’ and there change Theme to ‘SC Legacy Theme’ - it works much better in Android phones!

Last but not least, fear not, changing the Discourse theme does note change the way the new SuttaCentral and all its beautiful EBTs will be loaded in your mobile.



Thanks for the feedback. I too have reverted to the old theme—there’s too many bugs in the new one!


There is a a GitHub issue for that which is assigned to you:

But I guess this gets hampered by the fact that you do not have a mobile phone.

Anyway, until you get to it, I confirm that on phones it is better to use the legacy theme.