BSWA event with indigenous australians looking at healing the rifts between races

This is a 3 hour program, including Welcome ceremony, didgeridoo and aboriginal dance, as well as extensive discussion.

One theme that came through was “Don’t think of yourself - Don’t think of the other: Think of US” dissolve the difference of otherness, Speech and actions can be for the benefit of US :slight_smile: :pray:

May all beings be free from suffering

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


It might be nice if people want to share what messages they found useful or interesting, so that those who don’t watch the whole program can get some idea of what was discussed…

Question was asked: There is so much negative energy and anger etc at the moment, and I find it so hard to find a way through this… What can I do…
Answer: It all depends what you focus on. There is hatred and anger and the ugly and negative, BUT there is also lots of positive, loving, kind and beautiful in the world… (including with the ‘black lives matter’ issues). Be mindful of what you focus on - look at the flowers as well as the weeds, and with regards to the choices you make, choose to nurture the flowers and not the weeds. Tend the garden in a wise and skillful way.