BSWA Special General Meeting on April 22

The BSWA Special General Meeting will be held at 13:00 hrs (1 pm.) on April 22, 2018.

It is to discuss and vote on the subcommittee issue.

The proxy form will be available soon.

The form will have boxes for members to tick to clearly state their wish to agree or to disagree.

The form should be sent to a member that will attend the meeting AND cc me. I will forward the completed proxy authorisation form to the person keeping the record of all proxies.

This is to ensure that your vote will be counted for certain.


Forgive me for butting in, but it might be a good idea for proxy forms to have some form of identification information.

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Dheera, who might be a recommended person that will attend the meeting, to whom I can direct my proxy? You can PM me, or reply here as other members might wish to know who may be a proxy at the SGM that will fully support Ajahn Brahm on this and other issues.



Dear Michael,

If you trust me and Terry, you can send it to me. :smile:

From what I’ve heard, President Dennis is making preparation for international disciples and those who are not in Perth to vote easily though they may not know any one member in particular. (For instance, you could send your vote to BSWA Secretary — like you cast your presidential election vote to the governmental agency responsible for collecting absentee votes.)

I believe that Dennis will, in a few days’ time, announce on BSWA website how we can cast our vote.

FYI, Ajahn Brahm is well looked after and happy, telling jokes as usual during his talks at the Jhana Grove retreat.

What we disciples can do now is to practice what he has been teaching us. Try to understand others and feel empathy and compassion for others. That’s a key to live in harmony.

My apology for a late reply. The internet connection at Jhana Grove is far from desirable!!!

Warmest metta,


Hello @Dheerayupa,

I just got the notice for the generally meeting and the proxy form for that specific vote.

So I guess I was upgraded from associate to full member per my request earlier this month :smiley: .

Do you know if some special communication will be made for remote / foreign members such as myself, or should we all try to find proxy for the vote?

I don’t want you or anyone to be overwhelmed or beyond the 5 proxy per member limit!


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Ven Canda Bhikkhuni knows some full members who will attend the meeting and are happy to hold proxy. I will connect you with Ven Canda. Please message me your email address :blush: