Buddha as the third principle to change subconsciously

I see this in sutta nipata


Dhp-a III 225 (see BL 3:53): “When the rains retreat was over and the Pavāraṇā ceremony had been held, the Teacher told Sakka: ‘Great king, I will return to the human realm.’ Sakka then created three ladders, one of gold, one of jewels, and one of silver. The feet of these ladders rested against the gate of the city Saṅkassa, and their tops against the summit of Mount Sineru. On the right side was the ladder of gold for the deities, on the left side the ladder of silver for Mahābrahmā and his entourage, and in the middle the ladder of jewels for the Tathāgata. . . . The deities descended on the ladder of gold, Mahābrahmā and his entourage on the ladder of silver, and the Perfectly Enlightened One himself descended on the ladder of jewels.”

Excerpt From
The Suttanipata

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I see this some places in suttas.

Where there is this pyramid. conscious mind and subconscious mind and a third principle to send the message back to the subconscious. But here what sakka represents then is probably the beyond or unknown. So unknown is where your subconscious will keep the momentum going. For example karma etc

This is done in ancient teachings but I don’t know if it’s consciously. Like the two pillars of a temple and Buddha in the middle sitting on his throne. It’s said the pillars are the polarity of this world. Buddha is the middle path.