Buddha himself and disciples treated as the Chakras(SN 14:15)

This sutta is used symbolically as the Chakras are seen. More or less.

For example Venerable Sāriputta was walking not far behind from Buddha and is mentioned first.

But Buddha is obviously walking in front. That’s the 8th chakra. Named as Soul Star. Enlightenment. Transcend. The way you can connect to your higher self. (Higher Mind)

Those that walk with Venerable Sāriputta is of Great Wisdom. Sāriputta is treated like the 7th chakra.
Crown Chakra: You are connected to the WISDOM and Divine Energy of the universe.

Venerable Mahāmoggallāna is treated as the 6th Chakra. He is known for his psychic power.
Third eye: Is known to help with concentration thus psychic power. You trust in your gifts and abilities.

Venerable Mahākassapa is treated like the 5th chakra. He is known to have chosen to stay doing austerities out of Compassion for future generations. Meaning even Buddha couldn’t change his mind. Throat Chakra: You trust in your Truth and Voice. (That’s why he/they advocate austerities)

Venerable Anuruddha is treated like 4th Chakra. Which is the Heart Chakra. He is known to have clairvoyance. One who with clairvoyance that surpasses the human sees sentient beings passing away and being reborn. You are filled with Love and Compassion.

Venerable Puṇṇa Mantāniputta is treated like the 3th chakra. He/they are Dhamma speakers. Solar Plexus Chakra. You have confidence in yourself. That’s why they are good Dhamma speakers. They are motivated to follow their path and their passions.

Venerable Upāli is treated like the 2th chakra. He/they probably needed to be creative in helping with monastic law. (Vinaya) Sacral Chakra: You have creative expression. You are inspired in every breath.

Venerable Ānanda is treated like the 1th chakra. He is the one that had good memory to remember the discourses of Buddha and Disciples. Root Chakra: You are connected to the earth so you can connect to your mind because it’s the base chakra at the spine.

Devadatta in this sutta is treated as out of the Buddha dispensation. As having bad desires. Also like a closed/blocked Root Chakra because he is then considered unprotected. Unsafe.

Well that was interesting. I just came very spontaneous to check if this sutta was connected to chakras. It probably was inspired by it. Or it was just coincidence. Let me know what you think.