Buddha & Nirvana

I’m studying how the Buddha reached the state of Nirvana, hence not being reborn again. Sadly it was only AI that wrote the following on my question, ‘was the Buddha born again’ I couldn’t find a website source, AI responded with…
The Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama, was not believed to be reborn after his death. Instead, he entered a state beyond suffering called nirvana .

So, to my knowledge (and please excuse me if I appear not to have to much of it) Nirvana is the ultimate spiritual goal in Buddhism.

Recently I have been reading about the Dali Lama and how Buddhism finds a new Dalai Lama when one passes away, though I also read this wont be for a good while yet as the Dalai Lama is convinced he will live until the age of 113. How is the Dalai Lama found and what does he do? (smh.com.au)

Does this mean that the Buddha is the only one to find Nirvana to date?

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I would strongly recommend you look through this website made by our forum member Venerable Khemarato.
You can start either with courses or library, but try and get an idea of multiple flavors or Buddhism and similarities and differences between them. The University also has 101 level courses.


Buddha taught His followers in the Pali Suttas to extinguish all desire and attain Nibbana.

Dalai Lama didn’t claim to be arahant.

Buddha taught many people and produced arahants, arahants are those who attained Nibbāna, and ended rebirth.


Just had a quick look at the website link and it looks extremely interesting.

Thankyou so much for sending me this, I have bookmarked the page and look forward to the beginners class! :dove:


Venerable Khemarato deserves all the thanks— I am just the messenger :blush:
Good luck with your exploration and study.

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