Buddhaghosa and the ass - an English-language question

In the Culavamsa account of Buddhaghosa (Geiger’s English translation) there is a sentence I do not understand:

Who then is he who cries there with the cry of an ass? […] Dost thou then understand the meaning of the cry of asses?

What is “ass” here referring to?


A donkey.


How they “bray”? – kind of variation of horses “neigh”.

Rather like a laugh – judging from Hollywood movies decades ago, and TV series, e.g. talking donkeys/mules. Actually, rather “asinine”, so to speak – like a donkey or ass, and stupid, foolish,…

Buddhaghosa’s usage possibly rather like the modern sense.

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Donkeys and other beasts of burden are often also words for fools in many world cultures. For instance, “water buffalo” in Thai means fool.