Buddhism: Adityas Sramana Cult?

Maybe Buddha was supposed to represent a deeper replacement of the Adityas.
As we know him “Kinsman of the Sun” as if his family

To my memory the suttas focus on everything that is considered for Hindus to be part of the Adityas.

Buddha mentions Savitr as the best Vedic mantra. He still use Indra He use Yama He use Varuna which Brahmanas texts also mentions as Adityas.

Ofcourse other gods too. But seeing that if he represented an Aditya then he must also represent what the mother of Adityas is. Which the mother of Adityas represents also Space

As sun moves in Space. I guess. :man_shrugging:

Which as we know suttas focus on a lot. Emptiness. We have many beautiful teachings but it was created in the level of space. It seems every sutta was made so you think out of the box. If you think of suttas teaching talking to you as Indians. It just makes you think further then what you knew. Like Kalama sutta says. It’s in everything that suttas teach to push you to think further. Seeing the world as empty. Seeing all as nothing at the end. Not saying its the end goal. But in everything suttas truly represents Space. At end of suttas they just finished it with a declaration of Buddha representing an Aditya. Dispelling Darkness.

I’m thinking of all suttas and agamas. And I think it’s really to highest level. As that was their intention.

I mean like Asita the seer said who decended from heaven.

The Bodhisatta, the foremost jewel,
has been born for welfare & ease
in the human world,
in a town in the Sakyan countryside,
That’s why we’re all so wildly elated.
He, the highest of all beings,
the ultimate person

I know other places of humbleness but we can see the authors of the texts itself truly making Buddha exalted, then this virus moved to the later texts because early texts was doing it already.

Think about this also. Where does Buddha come with. There is no going or coming in Nirvana. Space

Then he said we all attached to certain element thats why we come together in same group thats attached to the same element. Buddhism then are for those attached to Space