Buddhism, Nihilism and practice


Thanks so much everyone who has replied :pray:! I have learned so much from all your posts, references and from your reflections on the Suttas and your personal experiences. Many thanks @owl, @paul1, @Gillian, @Bundokji for your recent contributions. Each post has brightened and gladdened my heart and provided me with wonderful Dhamma tools to approach my experience of existential pain.

I just wanted to update you that upon completing Ajahn Brahmali @Brahmali and Venerable Sunyo’s Dependent Origination course this question about Buddhism and nihilism has, for me personally, been well and truly resolved :pray: I imagine everyone here has been engaging in this great Dependent Origination course, if not please treat yourself, it’s totally exciting and liberating! Dependent Origination 2020: https://bswa.org/teaching/dependent-origination-workshops-2020/

Over the past few weeks I have let go of a lot of suffering related to my view of “self” and now with such wonderful Dhamma and guidance from you all, I am now experiencing a great lightness and joyous excitement about letting go.

Much gratitude and metta, may you and all beings be free from suffering and the conditions of suffering :pray: :pray: :pray:


Sadhu! Much mudita! :heart::100::pray:

And thanks for the course info.

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