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metta can be simple.





“The man who takes on a burden which has not fallen to him, is a fool”- Buddha



What’s the best car for a Buddhist?

A Piti Cruiser.

(The Other Vehicle)


Look for “Dharma the cat”. It’s a bit old (so about 1997 to 1998) but I like that really much. Look at it using google
Just one example:
A second…




So good!!! :grinning: Thankyou @gnlaera

At home, I have dairy cows… will never look at them the same way again :rofl::anjal:



Without sandhi it is a backward kiss.

Aum --> Mua


For some reason this reminded me of cŌmuamua







“Schopenhauer came to a lot of the same conclusions that Buddha did, in part because he supposedly read some of the first Buddhist texts that had been translated into German. In particular, his ideas about suffering being caused by desire were very similar, although he thought it was impossible to completely elimiate desire. However, the result that these ideas had on his behavior seemed to be quite different. Schopenhauer was a generally bitter person, lashing out at his perceived rivals, and at one point kicking a woman down the stairs who was making too much noise while he trying to write. The court ordered him to pay her for the rest of their lives. Whereas Buddha, on the other hand, well…became the Enlightened one and all.”
Source: Schopenhauer and Buddha - Existential Comics






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