Buddhist cartoon fun/ wisdom




Giraffe: come, jump in!

other animals: thanks, you go ahead!

Morale of the story: other people judge you by their own standards, but you need to understand this and how it should apply to you and your particular situation.



@gnlaera: Wow. That is a bitter one…
Here I’ve one, which has actually not been intended to be fun or even bitter, but I thought, the author deserved it to happen (and so it gives some sarcastic fun):

I came across this one when I wanted to visit the “homepage” of the DBU (german buddhistic union) on facebook. The popup of the “facebook” just popped up such that we got a sentence like "Buddhism Germany is at facebook. To connect with Buddhism Germany register today with Facebook. (…) " above its background image telling us "…that is the teaching of the Buddha".

And this all is “signed” with the official symbol of the DBU at the bottom… :persevere:

P.s.: since I’m not on FB I don’t know whether this coincidence is still active…


Sort not Buddha’s dhamma but… couldn’t resist.