Buddhist Cat Sculpture

In another thread, I asked about whether or not it was sacrileges to make statues of the Buddha as a cat. People didn’t seem opposed to the idea (honestly, I probably would have done it even if they were), but this is my first try:

It actually isn’t based on the Buddha, but on Budai. Long story short, Budai is a Chinese representation of Mettaya. It’s actually one of my least favorite Buddhist images, but fat cats are cute.


I like these sculptures, and I like the fact that (as I do) you make Buddhist art.

But I’m going to ask you a question that I never dared ask in that thread: Do you know what it is about Buddhists and cats? ie Why is OK to fill the Watercooler with pictures of resident felines, but I feel that no one would be much interested in endless pictures of my (extremely cute) grandchildren? :rofl:




Lovely work btw, @dayunbao :+1:t3: My equally cute kids are asking for clay to replicate it :joy:


Ha-ha. Since I don’t have kids, I feel like it would be weird for me to post pictures of other people’s cute kids. I also don’t have any cats of my own, but somehow it doesn’t seem so strange to post pictures of other people’s cats, lol.