Buddhist Climate Action Kit

I was scanning news items this morning, as I do after opening D&D and then the NYTimes, with coffee.

I saw this: Bill Gates has lots of money, a foundation, and an interest in climate change issues. This was one essay that seems to pinpoint causes of climate damage, and possible mitigation. I don’t necessarily endorse Bill and Melinda Gates, but I always endorse good ideas, no matter where they come from…

I’d like to share this article about hope in climate change.

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All things are impermanent. Especially this web page. 

@cara is there a new link for the Climate Action Kit?


I can open @dhandipa’s link without trouble. Thank you for sharing, dhandipa! :heart:

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Seems like it’s still alive on the BCV page


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No need to ask for forgiveness for asking. I am curious too.

It would be important to know if he is a “scientist” at a say, an oil company where there could be significant conflicts of interest between the funder’s business interest and say, the actuality.

How do you suggest he should have rephrased what he said?

In what materials?

I agree that using propaganda, false, or harmful speech in support of “action against climate change” is harmful and would likely backfire.

But I’m not seeing definitive evidence to support your claim that the rise in CO2 levels was not due to human activity (“anthropogenic climate change”).

Perfectly consistent?
How can you definitively rule out that it wasn’t due to the effects of the industrial revolution?
(The Industrial Revolution, now also known as the First Industrial Revolution, was the transition to new manufacturing processes in Europe and the United States, in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840. Wikipedia)

Just bringing to your attention the fact that you are addressing your question to a comment made 2.5 years ago.


I can’t recommend too highly Ven Anālayo’s free 4-part presentation with video lectures, PDF readings and audio guided meditations. The final instalment went up during the last 24 hours.



:slight_smile: I’ve done similar, in reanimating necro-threads; it took me a while to learn to read the tiny date in the top upper right corner of comments before responding. =D

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