Buddhist Cosmology

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So there is something lasting? Continuing, perhaps? Almost immortal…

with metta


I think so, in some ways; i recognize truths in / through the memory, in this life… And of course, that person who did this activity repeatedly alluded to benefit.


lol oh no lol i see now your meaning. You rascal ty, reexamining. d’oh! lol with … nothing.


… Donation is a verb? There are no nouns. And all verbs as anything rise, therefore cease.



Not sure if this was mentioned, Astronomers now believe virtually every star has planets and that they outnumber stars. Here is a short 5 minute video showing that other stars frequently come near our solar system, fortunately they don’t usually come close enough to destroy us directly. YouTube


Yeah, that was my prediction years ago too. While dark matter and energy are still slightly open questions in terms of what they are, it seems that recent observations have determined the shape of the universe to be flat, implying that the ultimate fate of the universe is to keep expanding forever. This has now been shown sufficiently to be considered a settled matter in contemporary cosmology: there will be no Big Crunch.

Were you aware of this recent development when you made this prediction? Are you predicting that this consensus will be overturned some day by new theory and evidence? Or was your prediction (like mine) made back when this was more of an open question?


As I see it, there are too many uncertainties and unexplained phenomena in modern cosmology. You may be right that this is “considered a settled matter”, yet many of these “settled matters” are often no more than a temporary consensus, to be revised, sometimes radically, once further observations come in. The field is too immature, it seems to me, for anyone to reach a final verdict. Here is an interesting article on some of the complexities involved.


Wow! Four days ago, published in Nature… :thinking: Ok… Guess we’ll wait and see! :crossed_fingers:

Also: 5.7 Hydrogen atoms per cubic meter :flushed: Dang space! You empty! :mailbox_with_no_mail:


I have faith in the Buddha and that what’s found in EBTs on this matter traces back to him.
I have been reading on the topic and every now and then the scientific method itself pushes scientists to get less certain about either hypothesis.
Also , the scale of things as soon as we move away from immediate orbit gets so massive that it is pretty hard to imagine us ever being able to move beyond Jupiter if we ever get there as astronauts… And that is so irrelevant to the scale in which timespace takes form that any hypothesis will only remain as such.
Maybe, as a byproduct of the path we may attain ourselves to the sort of insight into these things the Buddha did himself? :man_shrugging:



The universe is no longer considered flat. It is now thought to be curved. Nor is expansion constant in all parts of the universe. This is current thought from this year. Here is a video. YouTube