Buddhist Naturalism/Naturalistic Buddhism within the Theravāda Buddhist tradition, or Theravada Modernism?

There is an interesting article by Gil Frondsal in which he discusses his take and teachings on Buddhism.

Naturalistic Buddhism (Gil Frondsal 2022)

He suggests a combination of Theravada and naturalistic Buddhism is possible.

What are your views on that?

Also: is there something like Theravada Modernism?


Well, I am right there with Gil, and what a great write-up. I personally find no use in the supernatural, and am very closely connected with the natural world through my professional work. Therefore I actually do not yearn at all for anything after death except for a communion with Nature after it, and just try to live a good life here and now. In my earlier years I was very much a supporter of classic Theravada interpretation and sense-making of our physical and metaphysical realities. Now, I find myself really not at all caring about those things, and completely devoid of all worries of what happens after I die. I also was never much interested in the magical powers and all that. So, this “Naturalistic Buddhism” is very attractive, already considering myself a “Spiritual Naturalist” of sorts, it is very much aligned with my thinking at this point in my life.

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It’s not just possible, it’s doable :pray:

I’m been doing it consciously for 6 years now

Never going back

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I brought with me all divine " hokus pokus", no problem as long as you practice in accordance with Dhamma.

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Special care is required in the realm of the convenient. Stopping at the “natural” (sense-based, mind-based) because of convenience and comfort is exactly what we are being advised against. Fruits obtained in light of the right effort necessary to surpass known standards and conventions cannot, in the end, be less than natural. Of course, getting off the bus at an early stop is also natural (albeit risky).

“The All”, huh…

"I’m aware of ‘everything’.

Except for those things that I’m not!"

Yeah, that’s the reason I guess I’ll stick to my “Thinglish”, and most often, but not all the time, be judged as moron, that one with skilful “right speech” easily can play with

Beware the fool

I’m out at once I detect such karmic formations, because those who listen with their hearts, respond with heart, and then we mirror hearts, and now it’s time for me to slow down, which can take some time, since the speed limit is off for me. So, when we now have heart to heart, everything can happen because we let it