Buddhist Nuns’ Ordination in the Mūlasarvāstivāda Vinaya Tradition

Ven. Bhiksuni Jampa Tsedroen has been studying the Bhikshuni ordination in the Mūlasarvāstivāda Vinaya Tradition for a long time. In this paper she suggests two possible approaches.

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Am I correct in understanding that H.H. the Dalai Lama is opting for the same solution for Mulasarvastivada that Ajahn Brahm opted for in ordaining the Theravada Bhikkhunis?

On January 24, 2015, during the Second Ārya Kṣemā Winter Dharma Gathering at Tergar Monastery in Bodhgayā, H. H. the Karmapa Orgyen Thrinle Dorje made the announcement that106 he would take concrete steps toward restoring nuns’ vows in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It seems that he is planning to opt for the ecumenical approach to ordination, beginning with the conferral of the novice “getsulma” (śrāmaṇerikā) and training “śikṣamāṇā” nun’s vows, conferred with the assistance of a special contingent of nuns from the Dharmaguptaka tradition. This will lay the necessary framework leading to “gelongma” or “bhikṣuṇī” full nun’s vows.107 (Quoted from the essay)

By the way it is the 10th anniversary of those Australian Bhikkhuni ordinations, and was celebrated at Dhammasara Monastery yesterday :smiley:

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Here is also Bhikkhuni Dhammadinna’s article on the subject: The Upasampadā of Mahāprajāpatī Gautamī in the Mūlasarvāstivāda Vinaya and a Sūtra Quotation in Śamathadeva’s Abhidharmakośopāyikā-ṭīkā

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I’m curious about the extinction of Mulasarvastivada Bhiksunis. Why they extinct while the Bhiksus still exist? :thinking:

There is no Mulasarvastivada bhikshuni established in Tibet since the beginning:

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