Buddhist Text Translation


I have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and I live in Ica, Peru where there are no Buddhist Temples. I would like to offer my help as a Spanish Translator of the Buddhist texts to make them available to people here in Peru. I would love to do it for free, however, I have to work to feed my family. Therefore I could do it at a discounted rate that could allow me to concentrate entirely on the work and feed my family. Here in Peru, 3000 soles is less than 1000 dollars and it would be more than enough to survive for one month. So 1000 dollars for a month’s work would be nice, but I could lower the price even more if necessary.


Hi, thanks so much for the kind offer. We are eager to begin work on translating into Spanish, and have a couple of other people interested to help. However at the moment we are not beginning any new translation projects, as we are transitioning our translation software. So perhaps I can ask @Aminah to put you on a list for potential translators, and we can get back to you some time.

As far as payment goes, I understand your situation and we would like to be able to help. So far, our translations have been done by volunteers, but of course some people are simply not in the position to be able to give so much of their time for free. So in principle, yes, we are prepared to consider paying translators, but of course it depends on funding at the time. So again, let’s wait a little and check back in a couple of months and see how it’s going.


Of course.


Thank you for your kind and quick response. I will wait patiently for anything to come up. In the meantime, if you need a translation for free, let me know and I’ll see if I can fit it into my schedule. The cost would only be to free up my schedule, I’m more than happy to help for free if I can find the time.


Thank you