Buddhist translators knighted

I just came across this video. It is already some years old but I did not know about it.
The translators Jan de Breet and Rob Janssen, who translated the entire Tipitaka into Dutch over a timespan of more than 20 years, were knighted in 2013.

Maybe something to do with all people who contribute so much to spreading the Buddha’s teachings.


Sadhu, Saadhu, Saaadhu.
With Metta


So this is really interesting, I always find it strange why some people are picked for honors; this seems like such an obscure accomplishment for most people. Do you have any more background on the story?


Here is the link to the entire article:

I’ve been trying to get my hands on these translations for SC for years and although the translators wanted their work to be public, the publisher kept sitting on the copyright. 2 years ago the foundation “Vrienden van het Boeddhisme” (friends of Buddhism - André Kalden is the president and also the man behind getting the knighthood for them) , tried to get the copyright from the publisher, who by that time was more or less bankrupt. But it has taken them over 2 years to do that. Yesterday there was an announcement that they are going to publish all the works under “Creative Commons” license on their own website next month. I hope I will be able to get the works for SC then.

Not really. My dad is a knight too so I know the process. In principle everyone can nominate anyone else, but needs to have a well founded ground to do so and the paperwork to back it up. The whole procedure takes about 2 years and is written here:


Wow, so wonderful! Thanks for keeping tabs on this.