Buddhist Wisdom of the Thai Forest Tradition


Over the weekend I created a new website entitled Buddhist Wisdom of the Thai Forest Tradition. I would love to have feedback — especially on any additions or deletions deemed appropriate.

The website is intended to be a topic-driven, link list married to a WordPress theme (with which I wanted to gain some familiarity).

I’ve tried to avoid posting anything that doesn’t respect appropriate copyright stipulations. A good example of what I avoided is reference to a PDF file of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s book, In the Buddha’s Words, which exists online here. I have to wonder if it was put there in violation of the book’s copyright.

Anyway, Buddhist Wisdom of the Thai Forest Tradition is the first time I’ve tried to share my affection for Buddha-Dhamma-Sangha in such a public way.

Aside from a few close friends, this forum is the only place I have announced its existence. I’m hoping it will be refined in time to be increasingly useful to a wider audience.

I hope to avoid mission-creep, and the intention is to focus on the Forest Tradition. It is very tempting to add other perspectives, but I’ll try not to. Also, I’m trying to avoid loading the site up with my own opinions and beliefs (which I see are already there in abundance).

Good, bad, or indifferent (the three feeling tones), your input will be cherished. Thank you for being here to read this.

May any merit that accrues from this project be for the benefit of all beings.


It looks very interesting improvateur!

One brief comment. I practice at the Temple Forest Monastery in New Hampshire, USA. Although the main Forest Sangha site lists it as “Temple Monastery”, which you followed, I believe the correct full name is “Temple Forest Monastery” - or the Pali name, “Jetavana”. You can confirm this from the webpage, which is maintained primarily by the abbot, Ajahn Jayanto.

DKervik, thank you, thank you for noticing that.

I’ve corrected the name to read ‘Temple Forest Monastery’ in the Monasteries page of Buddhist Wisdom of the Thai Forest Tradition. I also decided to reformat the list to have initial caps for all monastery names.

I wish you the very best in your practice.

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Very nice site, thanks for your work! One small thing: the orange lettering for the links at the top are rather difficult to read on most all the pages and near impossible on some of the pages due to the backgrounds.

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Yup. Good observation, Linda. I’ll see what I can do about it. The menu item layout is a function of the unaltered WordPress theme that was used. I need to find out how to modify it… and you’ve just upped the priority.

Thanks so much for the constructive criticism.

Noted an image of Mahasi Sayadaw- I think he’s a Burmese monk, not from Thailand.

Hey Mat,

Thanks so much for checking out the site. I believe you may have mistaken Ajahn Maha Bua Nanasampanno for Mahasi Sayadaw.

The pictures are of Ajahn Sao Kantasilo (1861-1941), Ajahn Mun Bhuridatto (1870-1949), Ajahn Maha Bua author of
_Venerable Phra Acharn Mun Bhuridatta Thera, A Spiritual Biography, and Ajahn Chah.

Ajahn Maha Bua’s website has a page with over 50 Photos of Thai Forest Meditation Masters. Thanks to you, a link to that will go into the Images section of the website!

Again, I appreciate your contribution.

Be well.

Hi improvateur,

You are indeed correct! I had mixed up the pictures of those two monks.

With metta

@Mat I should, perhaps, point out that I misspoke when I said there were ‘over 50 Photos of Thai Forest Meditation Masters,’ since, on Maha Bua’s site, there are many, many photos of each of over 50 Thai Forest meditation masters!

It’s really quite a collection, Mat. Thanks again for leading me to it.


Couldn’t help myself; I’ve added some very interesting courses (11 lectures per) by Bhikkhu Anālayo at the bottom of the Talking Heads section of this website.

Source: Universität Hamburg Video Catalog.

Perhaps I could add a ‘Deep Roots’ section (i.e., Early Buddism) to the website.

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SuttaCentral now has prominent mention on the Canonical Texts webpage.

Thank you, Bhante Sujato, and all here who make SuttaCentral the wonder that it is!

Nice compilation of references on your site @improvateur. Just wondering about:

For a very modest price, you can even listen to Bhikkhu Bodhi read his book to you via two MP3 format CDs

The link lists a different name for a narrator, so it seems like Bhikkhu Bodhi does not read it himself.

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Thanks for the catch, @Linda. I was actually quoting someone else. That will teach me to verify before publishing!

And thanks for taking a peek at the site. I’m hoping it will inspire folks to dig a bit deeper into the Dhamma. (And that include me as well!)

I’ve not abandoned this website, and have begun to make contact with various Theravadin renunciates via my recent facebook page. I’m happy to report feedback has been favorable.

The Canonical Texts page has been expanded. I’ve added a page of US Insight Meditation Centers — Locations, Teachers, and Dhamma Talks. I’ve also culled links from A Handful of Leaves that provide a remarkable library of writings relevant to early Buddhism. I do worry about copyright violation on that site, but I’ve not copied any of the material; only the links.

If one scrolls down to any pages footer, one can now easily search the entire website for any terms one wishes as well as use Google to provide a [crude] translation of the entire site into any of over 100 other languages.

As always, feedback from those more knowledgeable than I is especially appreciated.

Hi Larry,

Your website is very promising! Keep up the good work!
Two small remarks:

  1. The red links could maybe have another colour: I don’t find them very readible
    against a dark background.

  2. Opening external links in another tab or window is a good idea, the idea being that even if people surf to another website they keep a tab with your own website open, but you have internal links opening in a different tab - why?

Thanks for the site! Could you upload Geiger’s Pali Grammar later? I think it is still the best scientifically oriented grammar of the language I happened to read, I am just not sure about the copyright status of the English translation. The German book should be either in public domain or will enter it quite soon.

Could you also reduce the size of the green bar on the top of the page when scrolling down, say, from the second screen on? As of now, it is huge.

@Leon74 thanks for visiting the site.

  1. I’ve been trying to find a color that really works with both very light and very dark backgrounds. Ultimately, I suspect the solution is to get a type face with a light color and a dark ‘shadow’. Haven’t figured out how to do that yet. It’s a good criticism, and I’ll keep working the issue. (It irritates me as well).

  2. Oh rats!.. That means that when I installed the link, I forgot to check the box that opens the link in another tab. Why? Same problem that causes so much dukkha… insufficient presence of mind! Anyway, it’s great that you noticed that. I’ll do an audit of all the links and eventually have it all straighten out.

Again, many, many thanks for your practice and continued scholarship. I admire this website more than I can say.

List item


Got a scan of the original German of the Geiger. Scribd. has the English trans. (with a month of free downloads)
Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ll look into reformatting the Header bar… WordPress is what I’m using and I may have to tackle learning CSS to do it . Much to learn.

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