Calling for Buddhist Game Developers

I have created a facebook group:
It’s called Buddhist game developers. Here is what it is about:

This group serves as a platform for game developers to gather and develop a Dhamma themed game. A Dhamma themed game is more than just re-labeling conventional games with Buddhist culture, but has core dhammic lessons within the game and learning dhamma is a core part of playing the game.

This group allows Buddhists who are gamers or who has these good Dhammic game ideas to present their ideas, gather their team of game developers and make a game on their own secret group platform. This can also be a place for game developers to seek out employment/free lance project if there is budget from the project proposer. It can also be a place where Buddhist game developers donate their time and effort to making a Dhammic game, but it’s far better to secure funding.

Just as a Buddhist movie is not made by all volunteers, a most realistic expectation of success comes with funding, so there can be a role of the sponsorship seeker, and sponsors are welcomed in this group as well to select which projects are worth funding.

So I need your help to spread the word, identify the game developers, sponsors and idea guys. It can hopefully produce something which is worthy of being promoted at Sunday Dhamma schools and even common temples and commercially successful.


It looks like a great project, I wish you all the best with your work.

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Would it be appropriate to make suggestions on this thread? :slight_smile: I would be thrilled with a variety of games to learn Pali vocabulary. Also there is a game I saw which I would love a Buddhist variant (or skin?) for: Habitica. I suggest the developers might be interested in working with you, if invited.

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Why not just join in the group?
Yes I think it’s possible to put suggestions here. Just remember to leave an email so that when I post it into the group, I can tell the interested parties who to contact.

For habitica, I think it’s not just a skin, the habit RPG is usable for creating a good habit for the practise. So it’s not so much developing a new game than to suggest Buddhist practise routine for the habitica.

My intention is more towards making more games which are fun and attractive to gamers. So that they can come into Buddhism via the game platform. So it’s not aimed towards super serious practitiners who already renounced/ on the way to renouncing.

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I will join if you welcome idea bringers and discussers who cannot code!

I urge you to reconsider, and aim for all gamers who might be interested, including perhaps even non-beginner practitioners, or their contact will be fleeting, and in trying to work out things together they’ll create a pseudo Buddhism with cheats lol and then there will be hurt and misunderstanding and myths.

Of course, it’s a place for idea people and executing people to meet! Just remember to help reach out to executing people too!

Playing is The Most Effective learning tool of mammals in my opinion. Also, the most effective way for people to enjoy work. I don’t think it needs to be renunced ever; it does not have to be heedless or incompatible effort.

with a good business plan you might be successful on one of the crowd funding platforms.

my intention is to let the participants to self filter, so that the group doesn’t just become an idea pot, but can attract people who executes the idea as well. I don’t reject people so far.

well, certainly the 8 precept already includes no entertainment, of which games, even Buddhist games is considered as one. But on the way to renouncing, a lay Buddhist can renounce other types of games first and stick to the Buddhist games to renounce later.

thanks, good idea.

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