Calling LGBTQ+ Buddhists

Greetings everyone,

My friend is a journalist writing an article for the Boston Spirit, and she’s interested in the intersection between queer identities and faith. So far I am the only non-Judeo-Christian person she has interviewed, and she is interested in hearing from others. She hopes to have it to her editor by 13 October, so there’s not much time. I thought I’d post here because as far as I’ve seen SC is one of the friendliest places on the Internet for LGBTQ+ Buddhists, and I’ve seen others post here.

Info at Nov/Dec Boston Spirit Article - Interviewee Information: Angle, Logistics, What to Expect, Sample Questions - Google Docs



Thank you so much for this Ryan!

I have mailed you an article for the German anthology ‘Queer Buddha’ and can put you in contact with several people here in Europe.

I’d also like to tag in Ven. @Akaliko to this.


Thank you, Ven. @Vimala!

In about two hours I’m heading out on retreat to Forest Dhamma (in the US) and will be gone for about a week, so please everyone contact Joy directly using the link above.