Can anybody help with Gephi?

In relation to this project here: Gretil parallels visualization, I have started looking into Gephi software with our first batch of output data for the pali texts but have no idea how it works.

This is a very advanced piece of software and we are looking at a huge set of over 7000 files.

If anybody has experience with Gephi and would like to help, please let me know! :pray:
Also if you have experience with similar software and would like to see if you can make something out of our dataset, I’d be very happy to hear from you.


This looks great! I wish I knew something about it. But unfortunately I have absolutely no idea. But I am sure you will learn really quickly veberable! :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:


Likewise, I haven’t a clue, venerable, but have every confidence in your ability to figure it out and am willing to be chief cheerleader so as to help you on your way! :waving_pompoms: :woman_cartwheeling: :waving_pompoms:


Yes! @Aminah, I think the less we know the better, right?

But I also want to be a cheerleaderor Ven Vimala’s Gephi geekness. Sunflowers are my pompoms.
Give me a
:sunflower: V :sunflower: I :sunflower: M :sunflower: A :sunflower: L :sunflower: A :sunflower:

Goooooooo Vimala! :sunflower:


Likewise, nope, sorry.

But on maybe-tangentially relevant things:

Tensor-flow 2.0 is out, and focusses on a major usability upgrade:

When it comes time to weblify stuff, this may come in handy:


Thanks for the moral support guys! :laughing:
I was actually hoping that Willow Aminah eh… Some other geek would volunteer to play with it and slay some demons.
Will have to make due with some sunflowers then …


Playtime might go better with some actual data file shaped vampires; that said I already feel quite accomplished that I have managed to open Gephi …

Sorry, venerable, I was totally with you, but Ayya referenced Buffy, and I got curious. Beautiful sunflower-pompom work, by the by.

:eyes: ooooh, look, a bucket and spade! I’m going to make a sandcastle …

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Pretty pictures!


Yay! A black hole! Filled with hope rather than dispair for happy Gephi-ing. That deserves a sunflower pompom cheer @Aminah :sunflower: :sunflower: :sunflower:


Wow! Great work Willow Aminah! If anybody would zoom into this they would see that each dot is a sutta. So this is the Eye of the Dhamma … looks indeed like a black hole! You certainly have slain some demons with this one!

But if every time you press a button it takes half an hour for the crossbow to fire, you suffer from a serious lack of male sheep … :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram:

(translation for the non-geeks: Aminah’s computer does not have sufficient memory to run this program).