Can anyone make audio recordings of Bhante Sujato's translations?

i love audiobooks. am listening to the suttas on audible. if anyone has time, wpuld be great good kamma to do audiobooks on bhante sujatos translations :slight_smile:

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it’s already been done :slight_smile:


thank you! awesome. every single sut

You’ll find some recordings by Bhante himself here along with every single sutta read by robots:


super thank u. how do I increase playback speed as it is sooooo slow.

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Click the down arrow :arrow_down: to download the audio file and play it back in your player of choice such as VLC

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Bhante has recorded both Pali and English for SN 1.1 up to SN 2.20. You can select his voice in the settings:

(You have to enable cookies in order to change settings.)

The rest of the canon can only be listened to with robot narrators.

Raveena is the fastest of the English narrator voices.


thank you can the robot be sped up? I assume it can qs it is AI ?

if not, how much donation is needed to make it happen? maybe someome who is involved in production knows?

It can, the way @Khemarato.bhikkhu has already explained.

Unfortunately no donation amount in the world will be able to make it happen. Voice as an application is an “old man”, so to speak, walking on two sticks. Its software is outdated and can’t be changed.

However we are working on a follow-up application. It will still take a while, as our progress is slow. And I am not sure if it is technically possible to build in a speed modification, I rather doubt it. But I will talk to the programmer.

But when you download an audio file you can modify speed as you wish in your audio player. :zap: :rocket:


On Audible, though they are not free, Dharma Audiobooks has recordings of the long and numbered discourses using Bhante Sujato’s translations (earlier recordings of the other Nikayas used mostly Bhikkhu Bodhi translations). Though, if one signs up, there’s often the offer of one free audiobook even if one then cancels.


is it possible to download in a single file the whole suttas? maybe seperated in nikayas?

i have the audiobooks on audible but want Bh Sujato translations. where is the link please you say the audio dharma of Bhante Sujato?

natural reader and other pdf readers can adjust the speed. is there a way to use another software perhaps that allows this?

can i download in one file the whole connected discourses for instance? so i can listen to it in one file?

@Iwanttonibbana, I tweaked your post title so it makes a bit more sense.

You may also be interested in the resources pulled together here:


As I said already, software changes to Voice are no longer possible. A follow-up application is underway, but will take time.

This is unfortunately not possible. The audio file would be way too big. Even for a single long Sutta like DN 33 download comes to its limits, depending on your internet connection.

You can however download a (limited) Sutta playlist with Voice:

Type for example sn2.1-30 into the search box, press ENTER, and then click the “download” button :arrow_down:. Try out if this works with your internet. It might be difficult for a long Samyutta like SN 22.

It is also possible to download a mixed playlist across Nikayas, like sn1.1,an3.5,thig5.9, etc. Just not too big.


I already linked to what you were after above. These are all Bhante Sujato’s translations for free. So I’ve marked my own answer as solved :wink:


The company’s website is here:

They use Bhante Sujato’s translations in the Numbered Discourses and the Long Discourses:
and partially in the Theragatha:

I think the only way to get these is via Audible, though.

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According to the website it is Bhante Bodhi’s translation. But maybe the website is out of date.

ok so the offer is still up! one audio file like audible, of all of the suttas Bh Sujato’s translations:)

if anyone has time, there is a project for you!:slight_smile: then make it free on audible

oh thank you yes i already have all of them on audible :slight_smile: i was hopjng someome can read Bh Sujato’s translations and put them on audible for free :slight_smile: