Can anyone tell me the source of this Commentarial story and the full version of it?

This is the video link(the story starts at: 20:56):

In this interview Bhikkhu Analayo says:

“And it was years later that I found there is a story about this in the commentaries. The story is and now we make a little bit of fun of monks if I’m allowed to do that. So there are monks and nuns sitting listening to a Dhamma discourse. The monk should be aware of what he does when he stretches or bends his arm but he is not. So he stretches his arm and he touches a nun and he touches her on the breast. He pulls her back and she pulls it back. You can imagine the rest of the story and you can imagine why a monk who recites that part will feel giggling.”

I haven’t checked the recording, but I can’t help wondering if that should read:

“He pulls back and she pulls back”. (ie they separated quickly)?

What I heard is “he pulls it (his arm) back and she pulls it back (she doesn’t want him to take back his arm).”
I guess they ended up getting together and having sex, but I need the full story to get clarification.

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My bad. It’s absolutely clear from Ven A’s arm movements as he speaks that “it” is the monk’s arm. Thanks for cropping the video to start in the right place.