Can Buddhist monk travel on horse? Or at least leisure horse back ride inside in the monastery?

I need the answer according to Theravada Buddhism. And please mention the part of the vinaya pitaka to read myself. I know it is prohibited to travel on carts. But is it prohibited to horse back riding too? Then why Tibetan and some Thai monks use horses to go to collect alms?

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I believe in the book “Forest Recollections” there’s a story about some Bangkok monks (in the late 19th c?) who heard that the monks up north were breaking the vinaya, even riding around on horseback! They decided to travel up there to teach them a lesson. When they reached the thick jungles and treacherous hills of the region, they were forced to complete their journey … on horseback. Needless to say, their admonishments fell on deaf ears. :joy: (PS: Story from memory, happy to be corrected)