Can Chrome not write Ā?

I feel like I am going a little mad right now. Nothing unusual in that!

But when I try to write the character Ā in Chrome, it comes out as Ã. Only in Chrome, nowhere else. Has anyone else noticed this issue?

You mean in the Chrome browser, Bhante? I can write Ā in the Chrome browser, as I’m doing now. (I’m on a Mac computer with ABC-Extended keyboard turned on).

Ā on Android phone, Chrome browser :thinking:

I’m on a PC using chrome - Ā and can write it in the browser too

Though I have an issue that sometimes when I hit (some unknown gremlin key ):grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: the alphabet in my whole keyboard changes, and I need to go into settings to get it back :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, Chrome browser. Hmm, maybe it’s to do with Chrome on Linux, some interaction with the compose key.

It’s the same with Ō, it turns out as Õ.

I opened my very first Chromium bug!


I can do this on Chrome in Linux by using the compose key method: ā Ā

However, there was an update a few days ago that didn’t install, as my glibc is now too old for Chrome (need to deal with that, but not this week…), so maybe it’s in that update that it got broken… You could try rolling back to the previous version…

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I can type Āā in Chrome with Linux, as well as Ãã, and I think the latest update has been installed. Hmm … :thinking: