Can one attain to stream entry without belief in rebirth?

Namo Buddhaya!

I think there is not as much disagreement.

We both agree in that the putujjhana is not wuthout the five faculties and is differentiated from the anussaris by a lack of wisdom.

We only disagree in that, as i understood, you assert that the samadhi faculty has to become developed to be on par with that of the stream enterer, before the wisdom catches up to that of anussari. Or at least having developed the first jhana as requisite to becoming anussari.

Whereas i say that i do not know which comes first and whether that development of the faculties can occur in tandem. For example a person meets another and gets to hear the dhamma, he gains faith and becomes joyous & happiness spings up. I assume it can.

But we do agree in that it is wisdom that is the measure of one’s anussaridom and not samadhi attainments.

As past life memories are accessible after attainment of the 4th Jhana, if stream entry is possible even without access to past life memories, doesn’t this imply that stream entry is unrelated to attaining the 4th Jhana?

Is this implication something you discussed with your teacher?

Sutta mentioned can get insight into the fruits even from first Jhāna onwards.

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Thank you, this is really interesting. Are you aware where in the Suttas is it mentioned that 1st Jhana is sufficient for insight?

I still don’t see why a belief in rebirth is necessary for this attainment, practically speaking.

Of the 3 fetters overcome by the
sotāpanna, skeptical doubt seems to be the only one of relevance here. But isn’t overcoming skeptical doubt a result of insight rather than belief?

Correct, I think some people prefer the word “belief” over insight because if someone said “I don’t believe in rebirth; I know it to be true through Insight” – they’d be seen as arrogant and egotistical. So people use “belief” as a matter of speaking conventionally.

Are you implying that past-life memories are required for stream-entry?

No, just speaking about the use of conventional language when using the term “belief” but one might also be accepting (of rebirth), having full faith and confidence in the teachings.