Can people obtain sleepwalking experience in reality of life living or is it a progression towards death?

In witnessing the dying close to near death the patient goes back to past experiences in the mind and experiences illusions and delusional situations as much as other creatures do so Im wondering whether mental or medical sciences as much as the past suttas of the buddha can comprehend with spiritual experiences as religions have recorded in the past and in this presence references known at this stage of lifetime the conclusions of its reasons in preparations to what ? rebirth? as sleepwalking or meditative deep states ? can anyone comprehend this in recognition based in scientific attributes or witnesses of facts that can be examined to help all challenges people n living creatures have … why and what is its purpose ?and meaning towards dreams? sleepwalking? and living in illusional situations like these ? is it a process to yet the unknow or is it a part of what humans have survived as a memory function we experience to live on to relate to the part of mind of healing or death progression stages in converted memory or memories past present or future ? or to be rebirthed ???

I read your post 3 times and I still don’t understand what you’re asking.

AFAIK, dreams are the result of your mind “archiving” and making sense of what you recently experienced, that’s why there’s usually a connection between dreams and recent experiences, like if someone you know passes away you may have a dream about them or about something similar.

Also a side effect of certain antibiotics like flagyl can cause you to have more dreams which are also more vivid, so there is some biochemical cause for dreams. I know the brain does a form of “garbage collection” during sleep, and that lack of proper sleep disturbs this process. So dreaming may be part of that garbage collection process.

As for sleepwalking, your muscles actually become tranquilized when you sleep, hence “sleep paralysis” is when your mind is semi-conscious but the muscles are tranquilized. I’m guessing sleep walking is a failure in the body to tranquilize the muscles.

I don’t think this stuff really has anything to do with the dhamma in particular.

This is no different to the way the ordinary untrained mind constantly reverts to searching memories in order to attempt to supply solutions to current situations, and provide the feeling of happiness that comes with a result. That’s the very reason the Anapanasati sutta says:

“which is why the monk on that occasion remains focused on the body in & of itself — ardent, alert, & mindful — putting aside greed & distress with reference to the world.” Majhima Nikaya 118

The cycle of mental preoccupation with worldly events is broken and an escape is found by training in an alternative focus, the breath or the body and (training) its consequent arising of joy.

Understanding and practising this is “clear knowing and release.”