Can the SC search function be improved?

I wanted to find the Sutta AN 8.56 and typed “kamadhivacana sutta” in the search field. It did not find the Sutta I was looking for. In the index, this Sutta is spelled as “Kāmādhivacana [Bhaya]”. The reason for not finding this Sutta could be that there are hyphens above “a” s, which I did not type.
Any suggestions or improvements would be greatly appreciated.
With Metta.

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making the search engine ignore the diacritics would immensely improve its usability

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Thanks for letting us know.

The search already accounts for diacriticals, so this is not the problem. A search for “Kāmādhivacana” also returns no hits.

I think the problem is probably that the title fields are not indexed from our data files. This text has two titles. Normally the titles of suttas are indexed from the page of the text itself. But in this case our Pali text has the other title (Bhaya). A search for “bhayasutta” does indeed get the right result. @blake, can you check this?


Hello Bhante,

I was checking if Google had a better search response for this term than the site search, and it appears that the site is not very well indexed at all:

Is this worth a seperate thread?

The search function is terrible. You can search a single word but not two words. If I want to find a specific post that I’ve read in the past, it’s impossible to do by searching for a single word

I’m not sure what the point is that you’re making: that SC is not indexed well by Google? But you can’t tell that from an empty search field.

Sorry Bhante, I managed to confuse you and myself altoghether.

As it happens the Google indexing works well for, so the meagre 61 results I obtained for are irrelevant.

Sorry, /\

It’s actually 28, Google makes an estimation on the first page but you have to go to the last to find the “true” number of indexed pages. I know that’s not super helpful, but hey, this is the watercooler.

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