Can you practice Brahmavihara in Second Jhana?

Can you practice Brahmavihara in Second Jhana?

Metta bhavana is possible up to the Fourth jhana. The other brahma Vihara can be practiced up to the immediately succeeding arupa realms.

With metta

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My question is not whether you can attain the second Jhana by practicing Brahma Viharas.
The question is whether you can practice Brahma Vihara in the second Jhana.

So attaining the jhana by some other meditation object then switch to the brahmavihara?

Here is an interesting video.
Which marry four Jhana with Brahama Viharas.
Metta =1st Jhana
Karuna = 2nd Jhana
Muditha = 3rd Jhana
Upekkha = 4th Jhana

My question is how do you practice Brhama Vihara if you do not have Vitakka and Vicar in sencond Jhana.

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Interesting, this monk seems to suggest that Brahmaviharas come in sequence rather than developing them all at once. This is very different than how I was introduced to them.

The practical aim is to achieve, with the help of these sublime states, those high stages of mental concentration called jhana, “meditative absorption.” The meditations on love, compassion and sympathetic joy may each produce the attainment of the first three absorptions, while the meditation on equanimity will lead to the fourth jhana only, in which equanimity is the most significant factor.>

Some relevant info to op.

AN 4.125, when read in conjunction with AN 4.123, gives the impression that the development of good will as an immeasurable state can lead only to the first jhana, and that the remaining immeasurable states can lead, respectively, only to the second, third, and fourth jhanas. AN 8.63, on the other hand, states that all four immeasurable states can lead all the way to the fourth jhana, without saying that they can go no farther. The difference between AN 4.125 on the one hand, and AN 8.63 and this discourse on the other, apparently lies in how the person practicing these immeasurable states relates to them. In AN 4.125, the person simply enjoys the immeasurable states as a pleasurable abiding. In AN 8.63, the person deliberately uses the states as a basis for developing all the jhanas. Similarly, in this sutta, the person develops these states in conjunction with all the factors for awakening.

In order to practice according to Ven Punnaji said, you need to contact Ven Vimalaramsi to practice this.

Metta will go up to the 4th jhana
the feeling of Metta will change in to Karuna in the base of infinite space.
the feeling of Karuna will change in to Mudita in the base of infinite consciousness.
the feeling of Mudita will change in to Upekkha in the base of Nothingness

It seems to me that the relationship between the four jhanas and the four appamanas is not clear according to the suttas, so one must make these kinds of conjectures. I have a feeling that it is not as clear cut and the boundaries between them and the jhanas are not as hard edged as later texts makes it seem however. It does makes sense that equanimity and fourth jhana have a close connection too.