Cannot switch languages in some pages. Missing "Textual Details"

The “Languages” in the side bar of some pages are blank. One cannot switch to other languages such as Pali. There’s also no “Textual Details” link in these pages.



This seems to occur only when there are several sutta numbers on one page (sn53 1 to 12, sn35 165 to 167). In the case of sn35.165-167, this page does not match one single pali page but is divided over 3 pages. However, sn53.1-12 occurs in the pali as well as other languages.
@Blake - is there something that can be done about this?

Actually there’s a concern here, the translator of the Chinese translation has this statement on his website:「凡以檔案或紙本印刷流通者須以贈送、不刪除巴利語經文為之」. It means distribution through files or printed materials must be free and without removing the Pali text. So I think it’s important that Sutta Central complies with that.

Here’s the translator’s site that shows Chinese and Pali side by side:

On suttacentral the Pali text hasn’t been deleted. The Chinese and the Pali are still effectively side by side, they are just displayed in a different way to that used on the translator’s website.

It was a recent correspondence with the translator that revealed this bug. I just didn’t want this bug to cause unnecessary misunderstanding to the translator :smile:

Thanks for mentioning this, i wasn’t aware. I hope that the way we present texts on SC is suitable; as @Qianxi says, we still have the Pali, just organized differently.

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