Challenge for experienced meditators: can you stop the fake optical self-construction by your mind?

This is a great challenge for our ability of dissolving (optical) illusions - I’ve never seen such a strong optical-illusion trick. See here there-is-no-moving. Can you release the unconscious activity of your mind which constructs itself the illusion of movement?
(don’t know whether it would be allowed to insert the picture here instead of the link and not violate some copyright)


Cool illusion !

I am not an experienced meditator but if you pick a spot on the image and don’t move your eyes it doesn’t seem to move.

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I can’t see any movement (although I am subject to other optical illusions). Now I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with my eyes. :slight_smile:

I can. As @anon87721581 said, just focus on one point really hard and it is going to stop.

For me, meditation is a game of chance at this point. Most of the time I get nothing out of it except the feeling of profound calm and contentment. But sometimes, very rarely, I have an experience so deep and in some sense transcendent and life-changing I wonder how I could live without it. It all comes down to focussing really hard on that one point for as long as you can.


I can stop and start it depending om where I focus my eyes. I can also de-focus and see it double. I rather doubt that this is a meditation effect. I think I could control where I focused my eyes before I started meditating.