Changing Genders, Changing Buddhists


No, this does not seem to me to accurately sumarize the sutta or what the sutta reports the Buddha said. There is no “I advise this” nor any recommendation or praise for the choice of type, unless one wishes to assume the order of presentarion constitutes a recommendation…


The immortal one has two sexes, in the embryonic symbolic state, like the statues built by the Greeks, a small penis and a vulva cut.
The fetus of a human child has both sexes together on the 10th day of gestation, in the mother’s tummy.
How can I say this is a man and this is a woman?
How can I make sex differences?
How can I criticize taste and tendencies?
Do things with love, and then you can do everything well and in Good.
I do not make categories, I do not divide, I reabsorb in me every thing and person. So as I think I create it and then I take it back in my chest.
Nobody overhangs me, nobody teaches me. Yet I transcend everything and everyone.
So it is the Just, who thinks but not with the mind, so it is just because it is beyond the dualism of good and evil, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, beyond any category and criticism, any over division between this and that.
Why? Because this and that are identical and only person, One Person… True Person.


I just want to say thank you to all the queer people participating in this thread and discussing a really important issue. The binary Vinaya is one of my own impediments for wanting to ordain (I have others because I have samsaric attachments, but I digress).

I actually didn’t list my gender in my profile on here, because I was afraid of my identity as non-binary could become an obstacle to being allowed to ordain down the road if I was out in a buddhist forum like this one. To see monastics open to the idea is also why I am coming out on this forum as non-binary. And I do use they/them pronouns in English. Though I do lazily go by “il” and “ele” in France and Brazil because it is more difficult to escape the binary language in romance languages.

I have no idea if I would be more comfortable ordaining in a Bhikkhuni or Bhikkhu monastery if I ever cross that bridge. I personally would love to see a bhikkhun non-binary ordination lineage. But, the traditionalist in me feels awkward just inventing a Vinaya. I do think being in an all cis-male environment would be more difficult due to my sexual attraction towards men and because I honestly feel more comfortable around women and queers than cis-men. But I also feel awkward intruding on safe spaces for women. And, well, I also do identtify with both genders…

Anyway, just want to say thank you for bringing up this topic of conversation and making me feel safe to be out on this forum. And thanks to all the other LGBTQI folks on here for doing some of the hard emotional labor in responding to the questions by some of the cis-straight people on here.


:pray: Sadhu!
Thank you so much for your lovely post. Never be afraid to be who you are.


Greetings, and thank you for raising this topic again. As many people here know, I am a post op Trans…Two Spirits woman who struggles with

And I don’t recall having been asked questions regarding my gender or sexual preference by anyone here. But that could be because I write a volume or two at a moment’s notice regarding my Trans World experience. If you search my name on this site you will find numerous examples of my exhaustive descriptions of my attempts to try to integrate what seems to be a very binary Buddhism into a very non-binary life. I am so happy to hear from you, and applaud your brave inquiry into this subject. I do and will support you in anyway I can.
With Metta