Chanting guide for beginners

I want to learn some chants and I found this site: Pali Chants |
Are there similar sites or Youtube Videos for beginner chanting? I am missing nammo tassa bhagavato… And Buddham saranam gacchami and the silas for example.

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Also interested. It is interesting that the page from the chanting guide which contains the Refuge text you mention does not have a recording:

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Yes, it seems to me that only those chants directly at the link I posted have recordings.

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This one is very thorough


Aloka Vihara has recordings and a chant book. Toward the end of the book there is a pronunciation guide.


This is probably my favorite chanting video and it’s pretty easy to follow along to too! It has the Refuges, the 5 and 8 Precepts and other common chants.

This video is another favorite because it is also nice and slow with lyrics for chanting in Pali and includes Pali, Chinese, and English subtitles. It includes the text’s name so you can find it too. They have a chanting book out there too, I found it once but decided to stick with the shorter BSWA chanting. This video has more parittas if you want to chant along with them.

10 Likes has scrolling words! has scrolling words!

Are you sure that is still the same site it was a year ago? It looks like it is something different from what I remember. Maybe you could share a link to a specific page that has the scrolling words (which does sound useful).

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Dear Venerable,
it is

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Apologies for my typo! I’ve edited the post to include a very important “s”