Checkers needed for epub and kindle SN and AN

I have been working on epub and Kindle versions of Bhante Sujato’s Linked and Numbered Discourses (SN & AN). I would appreciate if people could give feedback on the files. On tablets, phones, desktops, e-ink… whatever.

As I understand it, only the epub will be distributed on SC, but I include the kindle version here just to make it easy for folks to check.

I’d like to know about any problems with formating or odd behavior. For typos in the text, please use the regular typo thread.


I can have a look. I just converted an old ePub to kindle using calibre but will use these instead on my paperwhite kindle

There is a slight difference between the two formats. First, the Kindle edition does not have an embed font. Kindle has supported Pali diacritics for years, so there is really no need to include them.

The other difference is in the table of contents. Epub readers can generally handle several layers of headings without a problem. Kindle, however, can only handle two layers. In the files above, the smaller vaggas have been changed to be the same level as the suttas themselves. This allows all the sutta names to be in the table of contents.

I had a quick look through the AN ones and threes and some of the shorter samyuttas and they all flow nicely on my Kindle paperwhite :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if this is the right place. Mods feel free to move.
Some general feedback on both the Automatically generated ePub and kindle versions of SC.
it would be useful to see the Sutta number as well as the title in the scrolling chapter navigation. The kindle version created by Snowbird has this. The auto generated ePub do not. My guess is that it’s H1 but I haven’t tested in calibre to hack it. (See screenshots comparing wisdom version and SC ePub version).

It would be useful to have the Pāli sutta name at the beginning of the sutta. H3 maybe. Just for referencing purposes seeing as the English sutta names vary.

thanks for providing these as Ebooks.

Mettā P

Wisdom kindle version with sutta number and Pāli title

SC Auto generated ePub

Snowbirds’ kindle version of AN


I wonder if you could repost your suggestion about the Auto generated ebook in this thread… Experimental epubs

When you say the epub do not, do you mean the auto generated epub? Perhaps if you could re-write the feedback here to just refer to the files in the OP. Also, it would be good if you could label the screen shots to say what is what.

Your feedback is appreciate but I’m not tracking. :slight_smile: