Chinese Discourses vs. Pāli Commentaries

My apologies to all, because I am we sure we discussed this already–in particular, I have a vague memory of touching on this with @cdpatton. But that wasn’t the main topic of the thread, it was mentioned in passing, and so searching the archives for it has been like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. My very simple question is this:

We have seen countless examples of what has been relegated to the commentaries in the Pāli tradition appearing as discourse text in the Chinese parallels. Who has written on this? I’m sure someone has. Does anyone know?

Bhikkhu Analayo mentions this in some of his articles. The only specific article on this subject by ven. Analayo I can find at the moment, is this one:

The Influence of Commentarial Exegesis on the Transmission of Āgama Literature


Th Agama Research Group’s volume on the EA, by Bhikkhunī @dhammadinna, comes to mind:

Not sure if there’s anything explicitly about Agamas parallels to Pali cmy…


Thank you both! I also just came across this, if anyone’s interested: